Preparing To Use A Dog Boarding Kennel

Leaving your dog in a dog boarding kennel can be a stressful time for both you and your dog. Good preparation is the best way to reduce this stress.

  • Firstly, be happy with your choice of dog boarding kennels. If you haven’t chosen one yet, first read about Choosing a Dog Boarding Kennel.
  • The best dog boarding kennels usually book out a long way ahead, so book in early.
  • Ensure your dogs vaccinations are fully up to date. Good boarding kennels will always require dogs to be fully vaccinated.
  • Try to reduce your dogs’ stress levels by leaving them with something familiar. Familiar smells are particularly important,
    so perhaps a well worn item of your clothing or a blanket he or she usually sleeps with. Don’t wash it just before you leave or it will
    smell of washing powder instead!
  • If your dog has a favourite toy, leave this with them too.
  • If your dog has special diet requirements, make sure you are well stocked with dog food and that the dog boarding kennel operators
    are happy to give him or her the food you request.
  • Does your dog require medication? Discuss this with the kennel operators to ensure they are happy and capable enough to administer the medication.
    Get stocked up beforehand so they don’t run out in your absence.
  • Leave your dog’s medical history with the boarding kennel operator, including your usual vet’s contact details.