Choosing a Dog Boarding Kennel

First you need a create short list of kennels to check out:

  • Use Kennel Dog’s search by Postcode facility to find a short list of dog boarding kennels closest to you.
  • Ask friends, family, neighbours or fellow dog owners you meet in the park for recommendations. Your local vet may also be able to recommend one to you.

Now get organised. You may have to book a long way ahead, particularly if you need a kennel during school holidays. Take a weekend to visit the kennels on your short list long before you actually need to use dog boarding kennels to give yourself time to book in. Come prepared with a list of questions, chat to the owners and ask to see where the dogs are kept. Consider the following:

  • Do the dogs look happy?
  • Do they all have constant access to fresh, clean water?
  • Do the living quarters look and smell reasonably clean?
  • Is there adequate space for the dogs to run and play? How much time each day will your dog have in the exercise area?
  • Are the dogs walked each day? Some kennels charge extra for walks or longer walks.
  • Is there a vet on site or close by? Is the kennel visited by a vet regularly to check for health problems?
  • Is the dog boarding kennels environment well lit and ventilated?
  • Will your dog be warm enough, particularly if booking in the winter?
  • If your booking will be for the summer, it is extra important to ensure the accommodation is well ventilated or air conditioned.
  • Ask whether vaccination certificates will be required. If not, ask why. Most good boarding kennels will require proof of a vaccination against kennel cough to prevent cross-infection.
  • Can you supply your own food? Many dog boarding kennels discourage owners bringing their own food but for fussy eaters it can be important.
  • If the kennel provides varying levels of care, ask to see the accommodation for all levels. Even if you only want the highest level of
    care available, you should ensure that ALL the pets are well cared for as you want to be certain your dogs are being cared for by responsible animal lovers.

Once you are happy with your choice of kennels, you are ready to start Preparing to Use a Dog Boarding Kennel.